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Writing Readiness

Writing Readiness

ISBN: 9788179914205

Writing is an important skill to young children because it gives them another medium through which they can express their feelings and emotions. This desire to write comes early to children. It is common to see a 2-year-old child pick up a crayon and "scribble" in an attempt to write something. This interest and enthusiasm should be encouraged and fostered. The WRITING READINESS activity book has been created to help your child develop control of the small muscles of the hands (fine motor skills) and improve hand/eye coordination,which in turn allow him or her to make the precise movements,which are necessary for forming letters.

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Anonymous 10 days ago

This product was great in terms of quality. I would definitely buy another!

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I've alredy ordered another one!

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I've seen some better than this, but not at this price. I definitely recommend this item.